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Summer Solstice      and full moon at      Red Rock Crossing

Seven Sacred Pools

Falcon teaching its young to fly at Cathedral Rock

Sedona's most powerful vortex

Native American medicine man purifies sacred ruins

It is a well known fact that most people only use a small percentage of their mind.

Peak Concentration enables people to tap into more of their innate intelligence.


Peak Concentration is a straight-forward method that provides people an intense, unwavering focus-

concentration on whatever they choose for as long as is necessary to successfully complete any task.

Get in"The Zone" immediately and stay there during every shot.  

It is what some call "the touch" " or "the feel" when everything slows down and perception is crystal clear.


James Witt, PhD 

     Peak Concentration had its genesis, during my study of the teachings of Mouni Sadhu. It evolve during my postdoctoral work at UCLA in which I  researched how the mind acquires, processes, and applies information. From that initial scientific analysis, I developed a unique technique that enables people to use their minds more fully.  I taught briefly in the Education Department and was subsequently hired by project C.U.E.S. (sponsored by UCLA and the City of Los Angeles) to train over 3000 tutors and mentors per year to volunteer in the Inner City.  From the foundation of traditional meditation and scientific study, the method I developed is a truly one-of-a-kind system.  For over 30 years, I have trained thousands using this technique for a plethora of purposes. I called this technique- Infinite Meditation.